Floral Cake with hand-painted flowers, Floral Swag and Floral Border

Customer Spotlight:

Pennie Revell

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

Here at Marvelous Molds®, we are always on a mission to find ways to make cake decorators’ lives easier and give decorators of any skill level the ability to execute a professional looking cake. When we come across lovely cakes made by our customers and hear how our products have helped them to decorate quickly, precisely and creatively, we know we’re on the right track in delivering efficient products to our customers. We love to share their work so others can learn how to create beautiful cakes with our molds, too! Today, customer Pennie Revell shared some cakes and a little about herself with us.

Pennie Revell

“Hello! I’m Pennie, and I am Lady P’s Cupcakery (Don’t be fooled though, I’m not posh or a lady!) I’m a wife and mum to, two girls aged 8 and 4, and a baby boy of 18 months. I’m a hobby baker, and like a lot of mums, I fell into baking when trying to find a cake for my eldest daughter’s 6th birthday, so I had a go at some cupcakes! Whilst they tasted lovely they looked hideous! That was two years ago! That right there, was when I got SUCKED into the whole cakey universe!!!

Nobody tells you how addictive it is! There are so many things to try and improve on, too – always a new way of doing something – it certainly keeps you on your toes! But I love it!! I’m really only a cupcake maker BUT I’m slowly getting drawn into making big cakes!

I had seen lots of cake makers mainly in the USA, using some fabulous looking molds, so being nosey I asked who made them and then found that you could actually get them here in the UK too!! Heaven!! So many amazing designs to choose from, borders, swags, drops, buttons – far too many to list but I feel I need them all!! I’ve not tried the “Onlays” yet but these are next on my list to buy!!!

Marvelous Molds® are EASY to use, and are made from top quality silicone. Personally, I always lightly dust mine with a 50/50 mix of icing sugar and cornflour – first, tap out the excess and pop my fondant in, then bingo, turn out and you have a created a little masterpiece even before it goes on a cake!!!”

This cake by Pennie uses the Classic Pearl Swag Collection and Mini Majestic Tiara.

Thanks so much for sharing, Pennie! We can't wait to see more gorgeous cakes like the one at the top of the post, featuring the Floral Swag Mold Collection.

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