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Troubleshooting with Silicone Onlays

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

With the invention and introduction of Silicone Onlays®, I have had the pleasure of traveling around the world demonstrating and teaching how to use this innovative cake decorating tool. This has given me the great opportunity to meet and work with my customers and over the last couple years I have found that the same questions were being asked no matter if I was in Charlotte, NC or Birmingham, England. 

As with any new product or method, there are going to be new steps that have to be learned in order to have success. Just for a moment, think back to the first time you attempted to cover a cake with fondant instead of using frosting or buttercream. I am sure the results were disastrous and you may have thought you would never master this simple task. Now you can probably apply fondant over a cake with your eyes closed. The only thing that made the difference for you was that you learned the proper steps necessary and once your mind and hands understood the process everything got a lot easier. That is exactly what I want you to remember when working with Silicone Onlays®. You may not think it is simple just like you thought covering anything with fondant was impossible but trust me when I assure you that a Silicone Onlay® is a blast to use and you can master it very quickly.

To help you in your quest, I have made a new video, (Troubleshooting with Silicone Onlays®) in which I answer all the important questions I have received over the years. I made this video with you in mind and invite you to watch it if you want to discover the best methods and practices so that you can easily and quickly apply stunning patterns to your cakes and have fun doing it. Troubleshooting with Silicone Onlays® is available in two formats. One is the shorter version, ( about twenty six minutes. Yes, yes I know the YouTube mantra, “Don’t make any video longer than four minutes” or has it been changed to two? That is not what you are going to get here. If you want to know all there is to working with Silicone Onlays®, I invite you to sit back, relax and get ready to watch twenty six minutes of information packed instruction that will transform you from a novice to an expert in less than a half of an hour.

Click below to watch the videos

Troubleshooting Silicone Onlays

Troubleshooting Silicone Onlays Long Version

And yes, there is a longer version ( that is one hour and 26 minutes long for those of you who want to know the history, backstory, personal preferences, every detail etc. Trust me when I tell you that every member of my Millennial staff here at Marvelous Molds cannot believe I would make a video this long and believe even more strongly that no one will watch it. I remain undaunted because I know just how passionate we cake decorators can be about our craft and gleaning as much information as possible is the recipe for success. This longer version was made for you and if you watch it, think of it like you would when you purchase a Craftsy class. Masterful instruction providing all the details with the only difference being that this video is free.

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