Gingerbread Boot Cookies Tutorial

Tutorial by Nina Notaro of Cake Studio

Need some cute, tasty party favors this holiday season? These gingerbread boot cookies are the perfect solution. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also easily customizable by changing out any of the recommended molds for any other decorative element you can think of and changing the colors!

Tools and Supplies:


1. Using a large rolling pin, roll out the lime green fondant to about 1/8″ thickness. Place the cut out template onto the fondant.

2. Cut around the template using a very sharp scalpel or other cutting blade.

3. Flip the cutout fondant boot shape over and apply water to the entire surface of the reverse side using a brush.

4. Gently lift the fondant boot shape and apply to the gingerbread cookie. Smooth the fondant surface with your hand or, if you prefer, a fondant smoother. Set aside.

5. Cut the template on the dotted line with scissors so you have just the bottom shoe half.

6. Roll out your white fondant to 1/8″ thickness. Lay the Goosebumps Impression Mat on top of the fondant and using the small rolling pin, gently impress the texture onto the fondant.

7. Place the shoe portion of the template on the impressed white fondant. Cut out the shape using the scalpel.

8. Flip the cut out shoe shape over and apply water lightly to the reverse side. Gently lift the shoe shape and lay it onto the cookie – the palette knife is helpful here. Match the area on the full boot carefully.

9. Fill the Damask Medallion 01 Silicone Onlay® with your 50/50 mix. Fill the remaining molds with the white fondant. Unmold all of them except the Silicone Onlay®. *Nina’s Tip: I usually place the filled molds in the freezer for approx 3 minutes, to make unmolding easy!

10. Using the edible adhesive, apply the Braided Scroll Mold decoration along the edge where the white and green fondants meet. Cut away any excess fondant trim that may be overhanging the cookie edge. Use your palette knife or needle tool to aid in trim adjustment. Keep it tidy. Apply the Damask Medallion directly from the mold onto the cookie. Please check out the link HERE for working with Onlays. Apply both the Zig zag decorations, using the edible adhesive as shown.

11. Apply the bow last. Remember, if you are planning on hanging this cookie, leave the hole showing. You’ll need to see where to thread your ribbon or cord through.

12. Now’s the time to lustre with your Pearl. Mix your lustre with either alcohol or lemon extract, which ever you prefer. Brush onto all the white decorations.

13. Love the difference. Really brings out that Marvelous Mold texture!

14. You’re Done! Happy Holidays Everyone!

Nina is a gold medal Culinary Olympic award winner. Her “by appointment only” custom cake studio is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Nina, along with baker/husband David are dedicated to making extraordinary bespoke wedding cake designs…that taste out of this world! Visit Cake Studio at their website or Facebook page.