Silicone Molds

Silicone Molds with Trimming Blade & Patented Designs

All silicone molds are not the same. At Marvelous Molds®, we pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box and create molds of inspired design and function. We do not make our moulds by simply pouring silicone in a block shape around an object. Instead, we painstakingly design them so they conform to the shape of the object produced which enables us to create a thinner walled mold that has great flexibility without sacrificing strength and sturdiness.

The products produced by Marvelous Molds are made with only the highest grade of food grade silicone which produces food safe molds that work perfectly with chocolate, fondant, gum paste, candy and more.

But do not think that food safe molds are limited to be used as food molds, every one we make performs just as remarkably with arts and crafts materials like polymer clay, plaster, candle wax, soap and much more. They have a patented trimming blade located around the opening of each mold that magically trims any moldable material which saves time and produces a superior end product when compared to conventional molds. Detail reproduction is a sacred quest here at Marvelous Molds® and you, like our many customers around the world, will be amazed at the striking details all of our products produce. We also incorporate an unmolding lip around the outside of every one we make. The unmolding lip allows our customers to stretch and bend our molds in such a way that unmolding is made quite a bit easier when compared to “block” molds that are produced and sold by less sophisticated suppliers of silicone molds. To learn more about these ingenious advancements in silicone mold design click here to watch our video or click here to read our tutorial.

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