Symmetrical Sequins Simpress for Easy, Impressive Cakes Symmetrical Sequins Simpress for Easy, Impressive Cakes

Symmetrical Sequin Simpress™


Symmetrical Sequin Simpress – Easily Sequin Any Cake with This Cake Panel Maker

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Just imagine applying this extraordinary sequin panel to a crumb coated cake and by doing so, transforming the ordinary into a high fashion, textured masterpiece. This mathematically perfect texture is ideal for purse and handbag cakes not to mention sugar shoes. Obviously, the appealing shingled arrangement of these individually faceted sequins resembles fish and reptilian scales only with a high fashion twist that will delight your friends, family and customers. This amazing pattern matches from side to side and from top to bottom enabling you to create cakes of any size. Oh, and use a round cutter to create amazing tops for cupcakes in fondant, modeling chocolate or any edible product you can imagine.


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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in