Perfect Petal Pattern Simpress™


Perfect Petal Cakes Made in Minutes with the Perfect Petal Pattern Simpress™

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Petal cakes represent a cake decorating style that is very popular around the world. The only problem is that this type of decorated cake requires a serious commitment of time and a steady hand since the details must be uniformly made. Imagine pressing fondant, modelling chocolate, marzipan or sugarpaste into a mold to create easy to apply panels with perfect petal details.

This is all possible by using the, “Perfect Petal Pattern Simpress™” which has been designed by Marvelous Molds to meet the needs of cake decorators of any skill level. This clever mold is extremely versatile and can be trimmed in ways to create fantastic borders or color variations that your customers, friends and family will truly admire. Just because our free time is continually being cut short, doesn’t mean that delightful cake decorations like those used to make a petal cake have to be avoided.
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