Lavish Loops Simpress™


Lavish Loops Simpress™ Creates Stunning Looped Ruffle Cake Decorations

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This Looped Ruffle Mold was designed for professional cake decorators, hobbyist and novices alike. Now you can make decorated cakes with a jaw dropping, looped ruffle texture only seen at the best cake competitions. This “Lavish Loops Simpress™” will create easy to apply, fondant cake panels with a modern, ribbon like cake decoration in minutes so you can present a cake that will stun and amaze your customers, friends and family.

The Lavish Loops Simpress™ mold was made possible through the silicone wizardry and patented design innovations unique to Marvelous Molds. We are on a mission to create molds that will produce designs in minutes rather than the hours it would take to accomplish this type of cake decorating by hand.

Marvelous Molds Alert: This is definitely a style of cake decoration that you would want to consider for WEDDING CAKES! No matter who you are or what your level of cake decorating expertise is, you can produce a competition quality cake pictured in only the best wedding magazines.

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Weight 92 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions Dimensions: 6.28 inches x 4 inches