Lace Murex Shell Mold Lace Murex Shell Mold

Lace Murex Shell


Lace Murex Shell Mold – A Scaly, Tropical Seashell Design

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The Lace Murex Shell Mold creates a realistic looking cake decoration resembling this tropical seashell. Characterized by scaly extensions from the whorls, its shape is similar to the conch shell but its surface is more texturized. Use this unique seashell mold design to create an interesting array of edible shells on any nautical theme cake. Each detail unmolds flawlessly in any medium you choose on account of the mold’s flexible composition, offering a texture that literally grabs any application of color creating a stand out finished shell that looks like the real thing.




Additional information

Weight 23.48 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 1.75 in L x 1.125 in W

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