Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay® Perfect for Cake Decorating and Suger Arts
Marvelous Molds used: Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay®, Small Buckle Fashion Accessory Mold and Large Chain Fashion Accessory MoldMarvelous Molds® used: Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay® and Rectangular Bejeweled Buckle Fashion Accessory Silicone MoldMarvelous Molds® used: Pearl Radiance Fashion Accessory Mold, Braided Scroll Trim Border Mold and Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay®Marvelous Molds® used: Pearl Buckle Fashion Accessory Mold and Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay®Marvelous Molds® are now clear green.

Insole Silicone Onlay®


Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay®

Product Description

Designed with the same blade Onlay® technology, the Scalloped Insole shoe mold adds the final professional touches to any high fashion edible shoe. Made with the highest quality, food-grade silicone and can withstand temperatures to 400° F. Like all Marvelous Molds®, Scalloped Insole Silicone Onlay® comes with our patent pending self-trimming blade.




Additional Information

Weight 31.80 g
Dimensions 9.9375 x 4.375 x .165 in
Dimensions 6.5 in L x 2.625 in W


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