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Woven designs used on decorated cakes have always been very popular. But let’s face it, a traditional basket weave pattern has become a dated style that is a throwback to cake decorating in the eighties. Marvelous Molds is proud to introduce the Tri-Weave Simpress® which produces a modern woven fondant texture that is clean, sophisticated and sure to be recognized as a cutting edge cake design. Our designers have painstakingly crafted this impressive silicone mold to create a three dimensional fondant texture which appears to pop off the surface in a way that can only be described as mesmerizing. Just imagine how cool this would look on cookies and cupcakes too! The technical description of this pattern is a hexagonal, tri-weave, geometric texture, and you might think it should be used exclusively for modern and contemporary cakes. In reality, the Tri-Weave Simpress® offers a texture that is versatile and timeless and can be used for almost any cake decorating style that requires a look that will simply amaze your friends, family and customers alike while unmistakably making a statement that you are a “with it” cake artist.