Small Quadrille Medallion Mold

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The Quadrille Mold Collection is a beautiful set of dahlia-themed antique floral molds. Use all three together, or mix and match them with any of our other Royal Garden Molds for a unique look. As with all Marvelous Molds, the Quadrille molds all have our patented trimming blade and unmolding lip, giving you perfect results every time.

The Small Quadrille silicone mold is a gorgeous diamond-shaped medallion filled with blooming flowers. Its center features a perfectly formed dahlia in full bloom cradled by a bouquet of daffodils. Leaves extend from the flowers create the diamond shape of the mold. If you’re looking for something pretty and delicate with a touch of antique flavor, Small Quadrille gives you a flawless combination for creating elegant cakes for many different occasions.