PinchPro™ Pearls 6mm

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A string of pearls cake border has been one of the most popular and time honored cake decorations for years. After much encouragement from our customers, we decided to innovate a truly superior silicone mold that brilliantly produces a string of beads that are almost completely whole and perfectly formed every time. Unlike the blocky, awkward pearl molds of the past, the PinchPro™ String of Pearls Mold is a sleek, cutting edge silicone mold that has been designed to be easily filled with fondant, gumpaste, marzipan, chocolate, sugarpaste, boiled sugar and modeling paste. More importantly, this amazing mold literally unmolds itself when pinched to open. 

For smaller pearls, the 6mm PinchPro™ Pearls mold is an essential tool. Create a strand of perfect little pearls that won't fall apart when you pick it up to place it on your cake. The innovative PinchPro™ design makes demolding easier than ever.