Action Comic Lettering Complete Bundle

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With the complete Action Comic Flexabet® bundle you will be able to produce any phrase or saying in superhero fashion with the added advantage that this entire set was purchased at a discounted price exclusively offered by Marvelous Molds. As a cake decorator, it is inevitable that your friends, family and customers will relish the possibility of having their inscription on a decorated cake written in this very popular action comic style. With the ever increasing impact of movies, television shows, video games, graphic novels, books and comics, children and adults alike will appreciate the action comic flair you easily and quickly applied to their favorite cakes, cookies and cupcakes.
Bundle Contains:
1 x Action Comic Large Flexabet®
1 x Action Comic Small Flexabet®
1 x Action Comic Numbers Flexabet®
1 x Action Comic Happy Birthday Flexabet®
1 x Action Comic Congratulations Flexabet®