Sequin Jubilee Simpress®

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Did you know that the first confetti cakes were attempts to simulate sequins on a cake? Now, by using the Sequin Jubilee Simpress®, you can make a cake that years ago was deemed too hard or nearly impossible to create. The Sequin Jubilee Simpress® is the only tool in the world that will enable you to create a spectacular sequin textured panel that is as authentic as it is beautiful, and you can use fondant, modeling chocolate, or any other edible product. Make a cake that tastes good and will turn heads as people react to the realistic edible surface that appears to be covered in individually faceted sequins. Absolutely unrivaled when used for purse and handbag cakes, not to mention sugar shoes. Use a round cutter of the appropriate size to create high fashion cupcake toppers to the delight of your friends, family and customers.