Daisy Chain Silicone Onlay®

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The Daisy Chain Silicone Onlay® was inspired by Marina Sousa and is a part of her fabulous mold collection. This Silicone Onlay® is designed to cover a cake in a symmetric series of daisy patterns. What differentiates Marvelous Molds®’ daisy chain Silicone Onlay® from a daisy chain mold is the quick and easy application facilitated by its patented Silicone Onlay® technology. Three dimensional fondant daisy designs are applied to the cake in a similar fashion to a cake stencil, lining up perfectly around the cake without measuring or cutting one flower at a time. The flexibility of Daisy Chain’s food-grade silicone allows the cake decorating medium to release easily from the mold. Patented cutting blades ensure crisp edges for a clean finish every time. Daisy Chain is stunning on its own or further embellished using the centers of the daisy design. Each Silicone Onlay® is designed with “bumpers” to serve as guides, allowing the cake decorator to perfectly position each subsequent daisy chain fondant appliqué to the cake. Design spring cakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes and more, quickly and flawlessly with the Daisy Chain Silicone Onlay® from Marvelous Molds®.