Holiday Place Setting Cookies Tutorial Holiday Place Setting Cookies Tutorial

Holiday Place Setting Cookies Tutorial

Tutorial by Alisa Seidling from Cake Works Bakery

These pretty holiday place setting cookies personalize your holiday meal and beautify the dinner table. They can be eaten for dessert or taken home as a party favor.

Tools and Supplies:

  • Bake Sugar Cookie
  • Royal Icing – thick for piping and thinned for flooding technique
  • Icing bags
  • Icing tips in #2 and #4
  • Dark Green Fondant
  • Filigree Damask Medallion Silicone Onlay®
  • Fondant glue – 1 part water to 1 part corn syrup
  • Small rolling pin
Holiday Place Setting Cookie finished goody


1. Outline sugar cookie shape with fairly stiff royal icing using a #2 tip – allow to dry before proceeding to step 2.

Cookie outlined with royal icing

2. Royal icing flood technique – Using a thinned red royal icing, fill in the outlined cookie shape with enough icing to cover the entire cookie.  A #4 tip was used for this step.  Immediately proceed to step 3 while the red icing is wet.

Cookie covered in red icing

3. Royal icing wet-into-wet technique. Drop tiny dots of the royal icing used to pipe the outline into the red base icing.

4. Allow to dry completely – up to 24 hours depending on humidity in the room.

Adding white dots to red cookie

5. Color fondant to  a dark green or other contrasting color – adding a small amount of tylose to stiffen the fondant (approximately ¼ tsp. to 2 oz fondant).

Coloring dark green fondant

6. Roll fondant to approximately 1/16 inch thick.

rolling out a piece of dark green fondant

7. Place rolled fondant over Marvelous Molds® Silicone Filagree Damask Medallion Onlay® Roll over the fondant with a small rolling pin until the mold cuts through and the desired shape is clearly visible.

Using a rolling pin, encourage blades of the Filigree Damask Medallion Silicone Onlay® to cut through fondant

8. Remove excess fondant around shape.

Removing unwanted fondant from the Filigree Damask Medallion Silicone Onlay®

9. Brush shape with fondant glue.

Brushing glue on the loaded Filigree Damask Medallion Silicone Onlay®

10. Position Filigree Damask Silicone Onlay™ to center shape on cookie and press into place.

Applying the loaded Filigree Damask Silicone Onlay® onto the frosted cookie

11. Roll over the back of the Silicone Onlay® with a small rolling pin to make sure all parts of the medallion shape are adhered.

Sticking the Filigree Damask Medallion Silicone Onlay® to the cookie

12. Carefully peel back the Silicone Onlay®. A fondant tool may be needed to make sure all of the fondant shape is adhered to the cookie, and remove easily from the mold.

Peeling the Filigree Damask Medallion Silicone Onlay® to reveal the fondant design that was left behind

13. Let fondant dry slightly.  The cookie will be ready to place in a cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon and nametag within about 30 minutes, or store in a covered container to keep fresh.

Let finished cookie dry
Finished cookie wrapped in cellophane bag
Alisa Seidling headshot

Alisa Seidling is a self taught cake artist. Drawing from her training and experience in many art mediums, she has been able to combine a baking hobby and her love for artistic creation into a business. She began entering sugar art competitions in 2010 and has since won several awards, including Best in Show for her division. After numerous requests to make cakes for family, friends and local events, Alisa created Cake Works in the summer of 2010.