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How to Use Petalears™

Learn How to Create Beautiful Flowers with Petalears™

Marvelous Molds® Petalears™ easily create beautiful gum paste or fondant flowers using a single tool. Following these steps will ensure the best results in the flower making process.

1. Dust Petalear™ lightly with cornstarch using a pounce.

Dust the Petalear™ with a thin layer of corn starch

2. Roll gum paste/fondant to uniform thickness with rolling pin to approximately 1/32” inch or use either a Kitchen Aid pasta attachment at a setting of 4 or the Makin’s® Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine on a setting of 7. Lightly dust top side of gum paste/fondant with cornstarch. Rubbing with a pounce usually does the trick.

Prepare fondant for use with the Petalear™

3. Place the dusted side of the gum paste/fondant face down on to Petalear™.

Lay fondant over the Petalear™

4. Lightly dust gum paste/fondant with cornstarch.

Prepare face-up side of fondant

5. Press gum paste/fondant down into Petalear™. The outline of the flower designs should show prominently. If they do not, the gum paste/fondant is too thick.

Gently press fondant down on Petalear™

6. Using a fondant smoother, press gum paste/fondant down into Petalear™ starting with light pressure and then pressing firmer. Finish by pressing down and turning the fondant smoother a one-quarter turn, repeatedly.

Use smoother to cut fondant until blades show through

7. Grab the excess gum paste/fondant on each side of the Petalear™ and pull it outwards to separate the sheeted gum paste/fondant from the flowers.

Loosen outer edges of excess fondant

8. Then take a needle or scribing tool and loosen the gum paste/fondant between each flower.

Loosen bridging fondant with a tool

9. Lift and remove the excess gum paste/fondant.

Peel excess fondant from the Petalear™

10. Press firmly downwards so the gum paste/fondant takes on all the details of the petal veins and stamen.

Press down on the fondant with your finger to get details

11. Take your finger and press it on the outside of the silicone blade, pushing down lightly in order to create a finished edge on the flower.

Gently separate fondant from the blade

12. Stretch the Petalear™ in all directions to loosen the gum paste/fondant from the Petalear™.

Stretch the Petalear™ to loosen the fondant

13. Turn the entire Petalear™ upside down on to a silicone mat or non-stick board and peel back the Petalear™ from one end to release the gum paste/fondant flowers.

Flip the Petalear™ over and peel away from fondant

14. Set the flowers inside of a flower former to dry.

Place fondant Petalears™in flower former