Marvelous Molds Testimonials Marvelous Molds Testimonials


“Your products make life easier as a cake decorator.”
Buddy ValastroCake Boss
“I love the nice cutting edge and deep design imprint”
Joanne Lima
“I am absolutely hooked on the onlays now!”
Shannon Mayes
“I am a hobby baker in nj and love your products.”
“Oh my golly GOSH! – I am in love with your moulds!!!!!!”
Tania Fasher
“The pearl swag and pearl drop molds you sent are beautiful.”
Rhonda Hunter
“Thanks for making these molds available to us enabling the presentation of beautiful cakes for all occasions.”
Tim Ramski
“Your products are amazing.”
Jörg Amsler
“Your molds are fantastic and so easy to use :-)”
Joanna PydaJoanna Pyda Cake Studio
“I love the look and feel of this mold :)”
Linda J. Mowell

It is always great to receive a customer testimonial about our silicone molds. Nothing is more gratifying to learn after working hard to create a product you think will be helpful and useful that indeed our silicone molds make a cake decorators life better and easier.

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