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Silicone Ceramic Molds

Silicone Ceramic Molds for the Savvy Ceramic Artist

silicone ceramic moldsSilicone ceramic molds for sale from Marvelous Molds® are worlds apart from the sprig molds available to the ceramic arts community. Unlike the stiff, block-type products offered on the market, our high quality silicone molds for ceramic arts are extremely flexible, allowing the artist to unmold a design to perfection. Our patent pending cutting blades cleanly trim the edges of each and every one of our silicone ceramic molds, rendering flawless results with each and every use. Choose from hundreds of designs which include beautiful lace, fashion molds, buttons, brooches, scrolls, borders, swags, floral sprays and bouquets, plus modern, geometric patterns. Take your creativity to new heights using our Silicone Onlays® to stencil, fill in with underglaze or print with slip using exciting lattice, animal, striped patterns and more. Design beautiful tiles, all consistent in pattern, with this innovative line of products in the silicone ceramic molds world. Once you experience the ease of using our silicone ceramic molds and the beautiful patterns they introduce to your ceramic works of art, you’ll never want to return to the cumbersome, traditional method of molding clay designs again.

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