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Silicone Candy Molds

Silicone Candy Molds for Chocolate and Hard Candy

silicone candy moldsOur broad selection of Silicone Candy Molds are ideal for molding chocolate, hard candy and marzipan. All of our flexible silicone molds can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for handling the high temperatures of cooked sugar. Form scrolls, swags, brooches, floral designs, lace, fleur de lis and borders with a beautiful shine and clean design. The flexibility of our silicone makes unmolding all your decorations simple and each one comes out flawlessly. Decorate chocolate boxes and sculptures or apply designer molded chocolate designs to a cake. Create beautiful gemstone brooches from hard candy. There’s no limit to what you can create with a little imagination and the world’s best silicone candy molds from Marvelous Molds®.