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Complete Knit Mold Bundle

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Complete Knit Mold Collection Bundled for Special Saving

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This complete collection of fourteen knit molds represents the ultimate tool set that can empower any cake decorator to create knit themed decorated cakes on demand. Imagine choosing between four different cake border molds, three amazing Simpress panel makers and seven button molds to create an endless variety of these hugely popular cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Master the knit decorated cake genre and thrill your family, friends and customers with your ability to create charming, unbelievably realistic knit cakes that will be remembered for years. Oh, and by way save big with the special pricing that you receive when buying this impressive knit mold bundle.
Bundle Contains:
1 x Braided Knit Border Mold
1 x Cable Knit Border Mold
1 x Pom Pom Knit Border Mold
1 x Ribbed Knit Border Mold
1 x Classic Knit Simpress™
1 x Rib & Cable Knit Simpress™
1 x Trinity Knit Simpress™
1 x Small Knit Buttons Mold
1 x Medium Knit Buttons Mold
1 x Large Knit Buttons Mold
1 x Small Leather Buttons Mold
1 x Medium Leather Buttons Mold
1 x Large Leather Buttons Mold
1 x Toggle Buttons Mold



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Weight 615 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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Food Uses: Fondant, Gumpaste, Chocolate, Cooked Sugar, Fudge, Butter, Ice, Jello, Marzipan, Bread Dough, Candy Clay, Hard Candy, Gummy Candy, Gelatin, Royal Icing, Buttercream, Ice Cream, Royal Icing, Sugarpaste, etc.

Non Food Uses: Polymer Clay, Soap, Candle Making, Wax, Salt Dough, Plaster, Sculpting Clay, Cold Porcelain, and more.