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Cakeflake™ Bundle


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Easily adorn all your wintery cakes, cupcakes and cookies with our bundle of Cakeflakes™ to create three different snowflake cake decorations. This bundle comes with Dancer, Blitzen and Dasher Cakeflakes™, each a flexible Silicone Onlay® Medallion designed to create perfect snowflakes from gum paste, fondant, chocolate or Isomalt. Just press the medium of your choice into a Cakeflake™ and remove the excess to reveal a cleanly cut design every time. Decorate the sides of cakes, tops of cupcakes, frozen cakes or winter wedding cakes. You can add sparkle with edible glitter or cast transparent crystal snowflakes with sugar. The Snowflake Cake Decoration Tool Bundle is sure to be a go-to set all throughout the winter season.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Blitzen Cakeflake™ MMCF-01
1 x Dancer Cakeflake™ MMCF-02
1 x Dasher Cakeflake™ MMCF-03



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Weight 60.00 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in