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Lattice Silicone Onlay® Bundle


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The Lattice Silicone Onlay® Bundle includes our most popular Silicone Onlay® Designs: Scalloped, Ikat, Moroccan, Double Wedding Ring and Daisy Chain Lattice Silicone Onlays®. Each pattern in the five-piece set unmolds as a single piece, making them the easiest to use in our Silicone Onlay® line. Lattices look great alone or with any of our silicone mold designs applied on top. Easily create cakes with a professional finish, no matter your decorating skill level.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Daisy Chain Silicone Onlay® MMO-1401
1 x Double Wedding Ring Silicone Onlay® MMO-14
1 x Ikat Lattice Silicone Onlay® MMO-1411
1 x Moroccan Lattice Silicone Onlay® MMO-11
1 x Scalloped Lattice Silicone Onlay® MMO-12



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Weight 240.00 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in