Houndstooth Silicone Onlay ® – 3D Houndstooth Cake Stencil Houndstooth Silicone Onlay ® – 3D Houndstooth Cake Stencil

Houndstooth Silicone Onlay®


Houndstooth Silicone Onlay ® – The Singular Tool for Creating a Houndstooth Cake Pattern

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The Hounds Tooth Silicone Onlay® allows cake decorators to easily create a uniform, hound’s tooth pattern on a cake; a pattern that is virtually impossible to execute by hand with precision. Save hours of time and create a trendy, eye-catching design using our flexible Silicone Onlay® mold. Ideal for making fashionable cakes, Hounds Tooth allows you to apply a single color fondant pattern over a contrasting color to create an overall bold look. The patented Silicone Onlay® design makes lining up each panel simple for any level cake decorator. The end result is a fantastic, professional design not possible with any other cake decorating tool on the market. Add the Hounds Tooth Silicone Onlay® to your arsenal of fashion accessory cake decorating tools to offer the latest trends to your customers. For more information on working with Silicone Onlays®, including this 3D hound’s tooth stencil, please click here to watch the video.



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Weight 45.53 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 6.375 in L x 3.6875 in W

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