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Single Chevron Silicone Onlay® Bundle


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The Single Chevron Silicone Onlay® Bundle includes our Small, Medium and Large Single Chevron Silicone Onlays®. Each one is designed to add a perfectly symmetrical chevron design to the side of a cake using fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate. Chevrons are very difficult to cut cleanly and evenly by hand. Silcone Onlays® spare you the effort and give you impeccable results every time.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Single Large Chevron Silicone Onlay® MMO-21
1 x Single Medium Chevron Silicone Onlay® MMO-20
1 x Single Small Chevron Silicone Onlay® MMO-19



Additional information

Weight 45.00 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in