Swag Silicone Mold Collection for Cake Decorating Swag Silicone Mold Collection for Cake Decorating
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Classic Swag Mold Bundle


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The Classic Swag Bundle includes both the Large Classic Swag and Triple Classic Swag Molds. Both swag molds give you the look of elegant, flowing drapery along the side of a cake. These swag molds save hours of labor and give perfect results every time. As a result, you’ll decorate cakes faster and never fuss over cracks in your fondant ruining the beautiful look. Team either swag up with a drop or brooch mold in between to create unforgettable detail on your cake.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Large Classic Swag Mold SWM-12
1 x Triple Classic Swag Mold SWM-13



Additional information

Weight 85.00 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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