Venus Comb Seashell Mold Venus Comb Seashell Mold

Venus Comb Mold


Venus Comb Shell Mold – Spiky Seashell Cake Decoration

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The Venus Comb Shell Mold creates an authentic looking seashell cake decoration resembling the Venus Comb, a species of Murex Snails in the Mollusk family. Easily identifiable by its numerous, long spikes, this fascinating creature will make your ocean theme cakes come to life with interesting and unusual details. The Venus Comb is striking enough as a stand-alone decoration yet becomes part of a beautiful seashell display when accompanied by other shell mold designs from the Marvelous Molds® Ocean & Seashell Collection.




Additional information

Weight 41.40 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 2.875 in L x 1.75 in W

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