Nautilus Shell Right Mold Nautilus Shell Right Mold

Nautilus Shell Right


Nautilus Shell Right – Spiral Shell Cross-Section

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The Nautilus Shell Mold is a fascinating replica of a Nautilus shell cross-section. This flexible silicone mold creates a beautiful rendition of the spirally coiled, multi-chambered shell in perfect proportions. The center of the shell features small, fanned arcs that increase in size as they spiral around to the outside of the shell design. Add this mesmerizing design to the side of any ocean themed cake to create an unforgettable focal point. Each detail in the Nautilus shell decoration unmolds with unmatched accuracy on account of the molds unique flexible composition.




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Weight 33.57 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 3.25 in L x 2.375 in W

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