Silicone Mold Bundle for Scrolled Cake Decoration Silicone Mold Bundle for Scrolled Cake Decoration
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Prime Flourish Mold Bundle


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The Prime Flourish Mold Bundle is a set of two identical scroll designs that face in opposite directions: Left Prime Flourish Scroll and Right Prime Flourish Scroll. Each has multiple, feathery extensions creating a fanciful motif to border a cake or form a distinctive scroll pattern. In contrast to scroll molds offered by other manufacturers, Marvelous Molds® are made from a very flexible silicone and equipped with our patented cutting blades to ensure every decoration is executed to perfection.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Left Prime Flourish Mold SM-12
1 x Right Prime Flourish Mold SM-13



Additional information

Weight 60.25 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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