Glimmer Brooch Mold for Cake Decorating
Glimmer Jewel Fondant Mold for Sugar Arts and Cake DecoratingCake Molds used: Double Wedding Ring Silicone Onlay®, Bling Squared Brooch Mold, Glimmer Brooch Mold, Rose Mary Lace Mold.Fondant molds used: Glimmer Brooch Mold and Bling Squared Brooch MoldSilicone Molds used: Giza Border Mold, Diamond Swags Brooch Mold and Glimmer Brooch MoldCake molds used: Ann Left Lace Mold, Ann Right Lace Mold, Virginia Left Lace Mold, Virginia Right Lace Mold, Glimmer Brooch MoldGatsby Brooch Mold, Glimmer Brooch Mold, Pearl Radiance Fashion Accessory Mold, Diamond Swags Brooch Mold, Skull Cameo Fashion Accessory, Filigree Button Mold, Facets Button Mold, Dots Button Mold and Swirl Button MoldMarvelous Molds® are now clear green.Decorating tools used: Glimmer Brooch Silicone Mold, Bling Squared Brooch Silicone MoldSilicone molds used: Glimmer brooch mold, Gem Drops Silicone Mold, Dots Button Silicone Mold

Glimmer Brooch Mold


Glimmer Jewel Brooch Mold – Silicone Mold for Cake Decorating and Arts & Crafts

Product Description

We named this silicone brooch mold “Glimmer” because of the incredible faceted details present in the the two designs that this silicone mold produces. As a part of the Marina Sousa Collection, you can feel confident that these designs will add style and eye catching appeal when produced in sugar, chocolate, fondant or gumpaste. Made with the highest quality, food grade silicone to produce an extremely durable silicone mold that is tear resistant and can withstand temperatures to 400° F.



Additional Information

Weight 30.88 g
Dimensions 7.0625 x 4.25 x .645 in
Dimensions 3.0625 in L x 1.5 in W


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Food Uses: Fondant, Gumpaste, Chocolate, Cooked Sugar, Fudge, Butter, Ice, Jello, Marzipan, Bread Dough, Candy Clay, Hard Candy, Gummy Candy, Gelatin, Royal Icing, Buttercream, Ice Cream, Royal Icing, Sugarpaste, etc.

Non Food Uses: Polymer Clay, Soap, Candle Making, Wax, Salt Dough, Plaster, Sculpting Clay, Cold Porcelain, and more.