Gatsby Brooch Mold for Cake Decorating
Gatsby Fondant Mold for Sugar Arts and Cake DecoratingCake molds used: Vibrance Brooch Mold, Opulence Brooch Mold, Entwined Brooch Mold, Swanky Brooch Mold, Enchanting Brooch Mold, Debonair Brooch Mold, Gatsby Brooch Mold, Imperial Brooch Mold, Charming Jewl Brooch Mold, Ritzy Brooch MoldGatsby Brooch Mold, Glimmer Brooch Mold, Pearl Radiance Fashion Accessory Mold, Diamond Swags Brooch Mold, Skull Cameo Fashion Accessory, Filigree Button Mold, Facets Button Mold, Dots Button Mold and Swirl Button MoldMarvelous Molds® are now clear green.

Gatsby Brooch Mold


Gatsby Jewel Brooch Mold – Sophisticated Brooch Cake Decoration Inspired by Marina Sousa

Product Description

The Gatsby Jewel Brooch Mold is a silicone mold design from the Marina Sousa collection inspired by the jewelry from the roaring 1920s. The jeweled silicone mold features four, large pear shaped stones positioned to create a flower in the center of an elegant, studded setting. Use it to create a beautiful metallic cake decoration as shown or paint the individual stones to make a stand-out cake accent. This original design by Marvelous Molds® gives your cakes and cake decorations that finishing touch to set them apart from the ordinary. Create details nearly impossible to do by hand with accuracy in a matter of seconds, as each cut-out easily unmolds with precise details with every use.



Additional Information

Weight 25.66 g
Dimensions 7 x 4.25 x .635 in
Dimensions 2.25 in L x 2.25 in W


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Food Uses: Fondant, Gumpaste, Chocolate, Cooked Sugar, Fudge, Butter, Ice, Jello, Marzipan, Bread Dough, Candy Clay, Hard Candy, Gummy Candy, Gelatin, Royal Icing, Buttercream, Ice Cream, Royal Icing, Sugarpaste, etc.

Non Food Uses: Polymer Clay, Soap, Candle Making, Wax, Salt Dough, Plaster, Sculpting Clay, Cold Porcelain, and more.