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Knit Leather and Toggle Button Molds Bundle


Knit, Leather & Toggle Button Mold Bundle – Save 15%

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Whether its a knit themed wedding cake, cookie or cupcake, sometimes it’s all about the buttons. This complete collection includes all of the knit, leather and toggle button molds that can be used to add delightful finishing touches to any knit themed decorated cake. Knit decorated cakes have become extremely popular all over the world because the general public adores the realistic details and can’t imagine that the cake is truly covered with edible icing. This collection of button molds empowers any cake decorator to embellish at will with a choice of buttons that complete the illusion, ultimately resulting in a cake that will be remembered for years.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Small Knit Buttons Mold
1 x Medium Knit Buttons Mold
1 x Large Knit Buttons Mold
1 x Small Leather Buttons Mold
1 x Medium Leather Buttons Mold
1 x Large Leather Buttons Mold
1 x Toggle Buttons Mold



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Weight 163 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in