Ruffle Mold Collection for Cake Decorating Ruffle Mold Collection for Cake Decorating
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Ruffle Mold Bundle


1 x Draped Ruffle Drop Mold SWM-01
1 x Ruffle Border Mold SWM-02
1 x Ruffle Swag Mold SWM-03

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The Ruffle Mold Bundle is a complete set of cake decorating tools to create a perfectly, frilly cake from top to bottom. Ruffle Border creates a design to wrap around the base of the cake while Ruffle Swag cascades along the sides, dotted with the pretty Ruffle Drop design in between. Ruffles are time consuming to make and challenging to line up symmetrically on the side of a cake. The Ruffle Mold Bundle does all the work for you, using the patented technology of Marvelous Molds®’ cutting blades.



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Weight 121.05 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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