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Arabesque Mold Bundle


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The Arabesque Mold Bundle is a must-have for cake decorators and crafters who delight in artistically carved details. The collection includes the Large Arabesque Mold, Small and Medium Arabesque Mold and the Arabesque Border Mold. Admirers will delight in the old-style, floral motif and admire you as its talented designer. Marvelous Molds® is the cake decorator’s secret to creating astounding designs with little work.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Arabesque Border Mold RGM-12
1 x Large Arabesque Mold RGM-13
1 x Small and Medium Arabesque Mold RGM-14



Additional information

Weight 53.79 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 6.75 in L x 1 in W

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