Distressed Leather Impressing Mat Perfect for Cake Decorating and Suger Arts
Silicone molds used: Distressed Leather and Zipper and Pull.Marvelous Molds® used: Distressed Leather Impression Mat and Small Bridle BuckleMarvelous Molds® used: Large Feather Mold, Small Feather Cake Mold, Filigree Button Mold, Small Buckle Mold, Distressed Leather Impression Mat and Short Fur Impression Mat.Distressed Leather Impression Mat, Zipper & Pull Fashion Accessory Mold and Spike Strap Fashion Accessory MoldMarvelous Molds® are now clear green.

Distressed Leather Mat


Distressed Leather Impression Mat – Create a Realistic-Looking Leather Pattern on Cakes

Product Description

Distressed Leather Impression Mat from the Elisa Strauss Collection embosses fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate with a very convincing leather pattern. Use it to create designer handbag cakes or stylish gum paste shoes. If you want to make your cakes look as realistic as possible while saving time, this is one tool you’ll turn to again and again for the oohs and ahhs it elicits from your family and customers.


Additional Information

Weight 44.65 g
Dimensions 9.5625 x 5.75 x .150 in
Dimensions 6.375 in L x 4.0625 in W


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