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Action Comic Basic Bundle


Action Comic Flexabets® Bundled Together for a Discount


Action Comic lettering on a cake has never been more popular than now. Unfortunately, this style of lettering can be very difficult to pipe on a cake and there aren’t many molds or cutters available in this sought after font style. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire all the letters and numbers needed to create any phrase or saying on a cake.
Bundle Contains:
1 x Action Comic Large Flexabet®
1 x Action Comic Small Flexabet®
1 x Action Comic Numbers Flexabet®



Additional information

Weight 105 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions Large Letter Height: Approx. 1.0 in. | 2.5 cm. Small Letters Height: Approx. 0.75 in. | 1.9 cm. Number Height: Approx. 1.0 in. | 2.5 cm.