Swanky Brooch Mold


Swanky Jewel Brooch Mold – Glamorize Cakes with This Marquis Stone Jewelry Brooch Mold Inspired by Marina Sousa

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Swanky Jewel Brooch Mold is a glamorous silicone mold from Marina Sousa’s Buttons Molds Collection. Create classy stone studded cake decorations on cakes or adorn gum paste decorations with a jewelry piece featuring two curving rows of marquis shaped stones that cup one another in the center. This silicone mold design creates beautiful, ageless accents on cakes that call for bling. The Opulence Jewel Brooch Mold creates a timeless jewelry piece. This oval, studded brooch silicone mold is part of the Marina Sousa collection.



Additional information

Weight 26.75 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 3 in L x 1.75 in W

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