Gatsby Brooch Mold


Gatsby Jewel Brooch Mold – Sophisticated Brooch Cake Decoration Inspired by Marina Sousa

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The Gatsby Jewel Brooch Mold is a silicone mold design from the Marina Sousa collection inspired by the jewelry from the roaring 1920s. The jeweled silicone mold features four, large pear shaped stones positioned to create a flower in the center of an elegant, studded setting. Use it to create a beautiful metallic cake decoration as shown or paint the individual stones to make a stand-out cake accent. This original design by Marvelous Molds® gives your cakes and cake decorations that finishing touch to set them apart from the ordinary. Create details nearly impossible to do by hand with accuracy in a matter of seconds, as each cut-out easily unmolds with precise details with every use.



Additional information

Weight 25.66 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Dimensions 2.25 in L x 2.25 in W

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