Large Hydrangea Petalear™


Large Hydrangea Petalear™ – Create Fabulous Gum Paste Hydrangea Clusters

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The Large Hydrangea Flower Petalear™ is a James Rosselle Collection exclusive. Marvelous Molds® has designed this revolutionary product to facilitate cake decorators in creating the exquisite flowers this cake artist is well known for, but in a fraction of the time. Make five realistic hydrangeas at once with the tool designed to cleanly cut and vein gum paste. The Petalear™ does the job of 3 different tools – cutter, veiner and scribing tool – five times as fast. Creating impressive hydrangea clusters doesn’t have to be a long drawn out task any more. Save time and enjoy making beautiful, professional-looking flowers for your cakes, cupcakes and other desserts.



Additional information

Weight 34.75 g
Dimensions 10.0625 × 4.375 × 1.50 in
Dimensions 7.5 in L x 1.375 in W


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