Oval Bejeweled Buckle Mold


Oval Bejeweled Buckle Mold – A Stone Encrusted Buckle Design for Fashion Cakes


The Oval Bejeweled Buckle Mold is the quintessential design element for creating glitzy gum paste shoes, glamorous handbag cakes and more. A dazzling design from the Elisa Strauss collection, this unique silicone mold creates a slender strap adorned with a jewel covered, oval buckle. Create a fabulous, high heel gum paste shoe or a purse cake with bling. Marvelous Molds® pays attention to the important details so you don’t have to fret about perfection in design.



Additional information

Weight 14.77 g
Dimensions 7 × 4.25 × .395 in
Dimensions 2.125 in L x .625 in W

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