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Buckle Mold Bundle


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Our Buckle Mold Bundle offers you seven of the trendiest buckle styles, perfect for creating shoes, handbags and other fashionable details on your cakes. The set includes: Small Buckle Mold, Large Buckle Mold, Large Bridle Buckle Mold, Small Bridle Buckle Mold, Rectangular Bejeweled Buckle Mold, Oval Bejeweled Buckle Mold and the Pearl Buckle Mold. This set has you covered, no matter the buckle application.

Bundle Contains:
1 x Large Bridle Buckle Mold ES-1424
1 x Large Buckle Mold ES-1406
1 x Oval Bejeweled Buckle Mold ES-1425
1 x Pearl Buckle Mold ES-1426
1 x Rectangular Bejeweled Buckle Mold ES-1421
1 x Small Bridle Buckle Mold ES-1427
1 x Small Buckle Mold ES-1405



Additional information

Weight 80.20 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

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