Ruffle Molds

Ruffle Cake Decoration Styles & A New Way to Make Them

Cake by: Kim Firth of Kim's Cakes Worksop

Cake by Kim Firth of Kim’s Cake Workshop

Ruffle Cakes is a very broad term that applies to many different ruffled cake decorating styles. No matter which style you prefer, there are two things you should know.

1. Ruffle decorated cakes is one of the most popular cake decorating styles especially for wedding cakes.

2. Ruffled cakes are very labor intensive to make and as a result, they can be expensive to purchase if one can find a cake decorator willing to make them.

In response to repeated requests, Marvelous Molds has created innovative and clever silicone molds that can be used to create the many different ruffle styles commonly seen on decorated cakes. More importantly, it is now possible to press mold just about any ruffled cake decoration in a fraction of the time it would take to make by hand. Below is a listing of the popular ruffle cake styles and the Marvelous Molds that can be used to create them.

Piped Ruffle Cake – This is a term that usually refers to a ruffle decorations made from bettercream and is piped directly onto a cake using a pastry or piping bag. The following Marvelous Molds were designed to replicate the look of buttercream ruffles piped onto a cake: Ruffle Border Mold | Ruffle Swag Mold | Ruffle Drop Mold

Rose Ruffle Cake – A cake ruffle decoration, usually made with fondant or buttercream shaped like a ribbon rose on the side of a cake: Rosette Ruffle Simpress™

Petal Ruffle Cake & Scrunch Ruffle Cake – Technically these are two seperate cake decorating styles but the finished results are very similar. The petal ruffle cake is made from the application of fondant rose petals and the scrunch ruffle cake is made by gathering fondant into a flower form applied to a cake: Scrunch Ruffle Simpress™

Fondant Ruffle Cake & Sugar Ruffle Cake – These are very broad terms describing almost any style of ruffle decorated cake. While all the ruffle molds identified above would apply, the best Marvelous Mold for these generic and broad cake decorating descriptions would be: Romantic Ruffle Simpress™

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