Typewriter Lettering Flexabet® Happy Birthday

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Are you a block letter buff? At Marvelous Molds we celebrated block lettering by creating a complete line of Flexabets® that produce striking uppercase and lowercase block letters and numbers. With this incredibly easy to use tool set, you can confidently express any thought or phrase in block letters whenever a cake decorating occasion arises. Straight lines and clean edges are the hallmark style of this classic serif font, and the innovative trimming blades on our Typewriter Flexabets® will make it easier than ever to add perfect lettering to your cakes and crafts!

Save yourself the time and effort of trying to painstakingly line up each individual letter of "Happy Birthday". Simply fill the mat, apply edible glue, and press it onto a cake for perfect lettering every time. The Happy Birthday Typewriter Flexabet® makes it a cinch to create clean block lettering!