Ruffle Border Mold

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The Ruffle Swag Mold Collection will create effortlessly elegant faux-fabric ruffles for your cakes and crafts. For a truly timeless look, you can place edible pearls straight into the mold and fill behind them with fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate, or any moldable edible medium of your choice. The pearls will be captured in the swag or border when you demold! These easy-to-use swag molds also pair wonderfully with any of our other swag collections.

Ruffle Border is an exquisitely elegant border mold that creates a design featuring two layers of “fabric” ruffles topped by a string of pearls. By filling the mold once with fondant or gum paste you can achieve a look typically done with multiple steps and tools. Pair this Ruffle Border mold with the Ruffle Drop or Ruffle Swag molds for a quick and graceful ruffle theme cake.