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Rise Silicone Onlay® applies clean, straight, horizontal lines all around a cake without any cutting or measuring. The lines are wider towards the top and bottom edges of the mold and thinnest in the middle. If you’ve ever made a cake with horizontal fondant stripes before, you know careful measuring is needed to line up each one up perfectly. Marvelous Molds® turns this tedious cake decorating task into a single, streamlined process of pressing a 3D rise cake stencil on to the side of the cake. The Silicone Onlay® does all the cutting and measuring for you; you need only fill the stripe pattern with rolled fondant and let the patented cutting blades do all the work. Fondant or gum paste stripes can be used to create an endless number of designs, and you decide how many stripes to use - all of them, or just some of them. For tips on working with our Silicone Onlays®, please watch this helpful video.