How to Make a Holiday Cake with Cat Food

This is our first “Will It Mold?” video where we try to mold materials that aren’t necessarily found in the cake decorating industry. The idea is that Marvelous Molds are designed and manufactured so perfectly, they can be used to mold just about anything. To determine what our first challenge would be, the question was put to the staff here at Marvelous Molds; the surprising suggestion with the most votes was CAT FOOD! Not only did the staff want to know if cat food could be molded, but if it could, they wanted to see a Christmas Cake created for our feline friends that live around our production facility. Is it possible to mold cat food with Marvelous Molds? What in the world does a Holiday cake made with cat food look like? Answers to all these questions and more are answered in this entertaining and, dare we say, “informative” video as Chef Dominic applies his tricks of the trade to pull this challenge off.

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