Ribbon Silicone Onlays® – 3D Ribbon Stencils for Arts & Crafts and Cake Decorating Projects

What is a wrapped package without ribbon? This is the same thought we had when thinking about cake decorating and arts & crafts projects. When we invented the Silicone Onlay®, also known as a 3D stencil, we knew that we would have to configure a thinner, ribbon-like size so that great things could be done when decorating a cake or when creating exceptional art and amazing crafts. Ribbon onlays will cut a very thin design from any moldable material like cake fondant or clay and will hold it until the onlay is pressed against another surface in order to bring about an amazing transfer of the design. The results are perfect with amazing symmetry that represent a clear advancement in stencil art and technology. Ribbon Silicone Onlays™ are 3D stencils that are perfect for cake decorating and arts & crafts projects.

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