Silicone Onlays® – A Lattice 3D Stencil for Arts & Crafts & Cake Decorating Projects

It doesn’t matter if you are decorating with lattice for scrapbooking or making a lattice pattern from fondant to decorate a cake, it better be precise or it just won’t look right. It is for this very reason why thin, laser cut pieces of plastic (conventional stencils) do not work so well when reproducing a lattice pattern. Now, there is a new type of stencil that can do the job right and we call it a Lattice Silicone Onlay® which is also known as a 3D stencil. Roll out any moldable material like cake fondant or clay, place it on the lattice Silicone Onlay® and roll again to enable the Silicone Onlay® to cut out and hold the lattice pattern within its structure. Now you have a lattice captured in non-stick, flexible silicone which can be applied perfectly to any surface. Lattice Silicone Onlays® are 3D stencils that are perfect for cake decorating and arts & crafts projects.

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