“Happy Birthday” Silicone Onlays for Cake Decorating “Happy Birthday” Silicone Onlays for Cake Decorating

Happy Birthday

“Happy Birthday” Silicone Onlay® Collection

Reasons to Use “Happy Birthday” Silicone Onlays®

  1. You are a newbie to cake decorating, never went to culinary school and the last time you tried to write “Happy Birthday” on a cake the results looked more like you were squeezing a pigeon instead of a piping bag.
  2. You’re great with a piping bag but centering the phrase on a cake is your challenge and the a y of Birthday is always trailing into the cake border
  3. You are a professional cake decorator and your “go to” writing style doesn’t fit the style of cake you have made and would be better served with a Calligraphy, Typewriter or Swirly font.
  4. You run a busy cake production company and you need to delegate this task to a lesser skilled cake decorator who will use these easy to use Silicone Onlays® to apply the correct phrase to a cake, perfect every time.
  5. You have carpel tunnel from making thousands of Birthday Cakes throughout your illustrious career and while you can still make a fantastic cake, squeezing a pastry bag to personalize a cake is just not possible.
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