Floral Silicone Onlays® Collection - 3D Cake Stencils Floral Silicone Onlays® Collection - 3D Cake Stencils

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Floral Silicone Onlays® Collection – Create Beautiful 3D Flower Cake Designs

Flowers and cake decorating are practically synonymous. Our Floral Silicone Onlay® collection makes adding beautiful flower designs to your all your cakes a simple process so you can impress, no matter your cake design experience. Your floral cake can be simple and elegant, using a single Silicone Onlay® design as its main feature or you can layer our different floral Silicone Onlays® with our silicone molds to create elaborate wedding cakes. All your cake designs will be consistent when working with our Silicone Onlays®. The innovative design takes all the guesswork, measuring and cutting out of your way so you can focus on creating your vision.

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